Memphis Tree Trimming

Pruning is one of the most common tree care services we offer. Red’s Tree Service provides Memphis tree trimming services to keep your trees healthy and looking their best year after year. Tree trimming and selective pruning maintain the safety and integrity of your trees.

Why Tree Trimming is Important

Red’s Tree Service can prune trees to influence how the grow and make sure that growth is ideal for the structural integrity of the trees. Memphis pruning maintains the structure of trees to reduce the risk of broken limbs and falling branches. Trees that are pruned correctly won’t have compromising branch structure and improper weight distribution. Either of these problems could lead to disaster later on in the life of the tree. Memphis structural pruning will greatly improve the general look of the tree.

Expert tree trimming in Memphis is essential to the look and health of your trees. Any wrong cuts can leave your trees looking awkward or unnatural. Even worse it can negatively affect the health of your tree and leave it more susceptible to damage and disease.

Trees are usually trimmed by Red’s Tree Service for any of the following reasons:

  • Dead limbs need to be removed.
  • Limbs obstruct streets, driveways, sidewalks, roofs, windows, and therefore need to be removed.
  • Branches need to be removed or thinned to allow more sunlight to come through.
  • Limbs are diseased and infested with insects and need to be removed.
  • The shape and form of the tree can be enhanced.

Thinning a tree doesn’t necessarily improve the health of the tree unless one of these problems are present. This is especially true for mature trees.

The Best Time for Memphis Tree Trimming

Emergency tree trimming should, of course, be done as soon as possible to ensure that there is no further damage to the tree or property. Otherwise, it’s best to trim trees in the late winter or fall when they are dormant. This will make your trees less susceptible to any harm that pruning could cause. Trees are like any other living thing, meaning that they can experience stress. Removing branches does cause damage to trees, but when a tree is dormant less sap is lost and it’s easier for the tree to recover. Insects and fungus are also dormant so they are less likely to cause further damage.

Pruning young trees is essential for trees to grow with a strong structure and attractive form. If trees are trimmed correctly when they are young, they’ll require less corrective trimming in the future.

Some trees will need more precise timing and specific techniques for correct pruning. An experienced arborist helps keep both you and your trees safe. A licenses tree service professional in Memphis like Red’s Tree Services, you’ll be able to ensure your trees are pruned and trimmed correctly. This is the best way to maintain a strong tree structure that’s safe and looks great.

If you think your trees might need to be trimmed, or you recognize any of the problems listed above, contact us today to get a free estimate. Red’s Tree Service is always proud to provide quality Memphis tree trimming services.