Seasoned Oak Firewood for the Mid-South

In addition to traditional tree services like trimming and removal, we're also proud to provide seasoned oak firewood for the customers we serve here in the Mid-South. We make purchasing firewood easy for you by splitting, wrapping and delivering the wood, stacked on pallets. All you have to do is place it in your fireplace and gather your family to enjoy! You can also pick up firewood from us and we will place it in your truck bed for you.

Tips for Buying Firewood

Buying by the cord

Firewood is often sold by the cord. Since this isn’t a measurement you use every day, so here’s what it means. A full cord is roughly 128 cubic ft., with is 8 ft. long x 4 ft. deep x 4 ft. high A face cord (aka a fireplace cord or rick) is one-third of a full cord, so it’s a single stack that measures 4 ft. high by 4 ft. long.

The Best Time to Buy
The best time to buy firewood from a vender in the Mid-South like Red’s Tree Service is in the spring or summer. Demand will be low, and therefore the prices will be as well. If you do by firewood in the winter, you can expect to pay a premium price. If you have dead or pruned trees in your yard, your Memphis tree specialist can help you make use of the wood as they remove it from your property, but keep in mind this wood won’t be ready to burn for quite some time. Seeing the wood removed from your property also ensures you know exactly what you’re getting in your firewood supply.

Buy Seasonal Wood
If you want to buy wood to use right away, make sure you buy seasoned wood. Recently harvested (green) wood is very heavy due to its high moisture content. If you are buying firewood that is green, plan to let it season (dry out) for approximately nine months. And this depends on the humidity in your area before you burn it. Also, seasoned wood is dry to the touch, has cracks in the ends, and loose bark.

Storing Your Firewood

It’s best to store your firewood in a cool, dry place. Make sure to stack it loosely so the food can breathe. Otherwise, mildew and mold can form, leaving you with an unusable stack of firewood.

Storing away from your house is ideal, but you may prefer to keep a small stack close by for convenience. You will notice the more seasoned your wood is, the grayer it is. This is due to lack of water in the wood and is a sign the wood is ready to burn.

It’s also helpful to keep the wood in direct sunlight to help it stay dry. If your wood is already dried out, it’s a good idea to prevent the wood from getting wet by covering it when it rains. If it has rained recently, make sure it’s sufficiently dried again before using it.

Trusted Source of Firewood in the Mid-South

If you have any firewood questions, contact our tree specialists today. We sell firewood by the cord, and it’s available for pickup or delivery. Our high-quality oak wood will be perfect for keeping your home warm throughout the winter weather. Additionally, we can make recommendations on whether you have trees in your yard that can be converted to firewood. To learn more, contact us.

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