Seasoned Oak Firewood for the Mid-South

In addition to traditional tree services like trimming and removal, we're also proud to provide seasoned oak firewood for the customers we serve here in the Mid-South. We make purchasing firewood easy for you by splitting, wrapping and delivering the wood, stacked on pallets. All you have to do is place it in your fireplace and gather your family to enjoy! You can also pick up firewood from us and we will place it in your truck bed for you.

To learn more about how we select firewood, how firewood should be stored and how to ensure the best performance for your firewood, visit our detailed blog post: Firewood 101.

Below are our current prices for seasoned oak firewood:

  • $250 per cord (2 pallets) if you pick it up from our location
  • $280 per cord (2 pallets) when we deliver to your location

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