Best Trees to Plant in The Summer

Summer is the season of sun-drenched days and vibrant growth, making it a fantastic time to add new trees to your landscape. At Red’s Tree Service, our team are experts in helping you choose trees that not only survive but thrive in the warmer months. This guide will walk you through the best types of Read More

How Do I Handle Emergency Tree Situations?

When the calm of your backyard is suddenly interrupted by a tree in crisis, knowing how to handle emergency tree situations becomes paramount. Thankfully, Red’s Tree Service is here to guide you through these unforeseen events. Together, we’ll uncover the signs that demand immediate attention, ensuring your green haven remains a place of safety and Read More

What Are The Signs That A Tree Needs to Be Pruned?

Wouldn’t it be great if your trees could tell you when they needed a trim? Understanding when to prune can be puzzling, but fret not! At Red’s Tree Service, we are here to decode those silent signals for you. Let’s kick off this exploration with a closer look at overgrown and dense branches — the Read More

What Are the Signs That a Tree Needs to Be Removed?

All around us, trees stand as majestic markers of time and nature, whispering stories through their leaves. However, there are moments when these towering figures hint at their own vulnerabilities, signaling a need for careful intervention. At Red’s Tree Service, we have a keen eye for these subtle cues, ensuring the safety and beauty of Read More

What Are the Most Common Tree Hazards in the Winter?

Winter in the Mid-South brings a stunning, frosty landscape, transforming our trees into icy silhouettes against the crisp sky. However, this chilly season also ushers in various challenges for our arboreal friends. At Red’s Tree Service, our seasoned team is well-versed in addressing these seasonal tree hazards. It’s time to uncover the most common tree Read More

Removing a Tree: What To Expect

Under the majestic canopy of the Mid-South, trees stand as silent giants, guardians of our yards and streets. But sometimes, these leafy sentinels need to be removed for their health and ours. At Red’s Tree Service, we navigate the delicate balance between preserving nature and ensuring safety. As we unfold the layers of tree removal, Read More

Canopy Cleaning

A well-maintained tree canopy stands as a testament to nature’s elegance and the care we bestow upon our green companions. Canopy cleaning is more than just a routine task; it’s a vital contribution to the health and beauty of our trees. At Red’s Tree Service, we understand the nuanced art of this service, ensuring each Read More

Pros and Cons of Buying a Real Christmas Tree

As the crisp air of November envelops us, thoughts of the holiday season begin to twinkle in our minds. Here at Red’s Tree Service, we know one of the most cherished traditions for many families is decorating the Christmas tree. While some opt for the convenience of artificial trees, others eagerly await the chance to Read More

Local Trees in the Midsouth

The Mid-South has a lot of exquisite trees. In fact, it’s a fairly wide variety! But which ones are especially key to our environment here, and how do they work? Well, Red’s Tree Service can certainly help answer these questions and help you identify some of your favorite local trees in the Midsouth. Magnolia Trees Read More

Trim Your Tree or Leave It: The Long-Term Cost

Trees are gorgeous parts of our urban and natural landscape. In every corner of our world, trees stand tall, their branches weaving stories of time and nature’s untamed spirit. While many admire the manicured elegance of pruned trees, there’s an undeniable allure to those left in their natural state. But what lies behind this wild Read More