Tree Trimming & Selective Tree Pruning

Red’s Tree Services provide tree trimming and selective pruning to maintain the safety and integrity of your trees.

Memphis Tree Trimming Services

  • Removing dead limbs

  • Removing limbs that obstruct streets, driveways, sidewalks, roofs, windows, etc.

  • Eliminating diseased or insect infested limbs

  • Thinning or removing branches to allow more sunlight

  • Enhancing the shape and form of the tree

Not sure if your tree should be removed? Check out our blog entry.

Why Trimming and Pruning Is Important

  • Pruning a tree can influence trees to grow in a more ideal way for its structural integrity.

  • It maintains the structure of trees to help mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches.

  • Properly pruned trees won’t have compromising branch structures and improper weight distribution, two things that could lead to disaster later on in a tree’s life.

  • Structural pruning can greatly improve the general look of the tree.

The Best Time for Our Tree Trimming Services in Memphis

Other than necessary emergency branch removal, it’s important that any pruning be done in late fall or winter, during the dormant season. This is the time that your trees are least susceptible to any harm that may result from pruning. Just like any other creature, trees are susceptible to stress. Removing branches does cause damage to trees. However, when trees are dormant, less sap is lost. Since insects and fungus are dormant during this time as well, they are less likely to further damage trees.

Certain species of trees will require more precise timing and different approaches for proper pruning — having an experienced arborist on hand helps keep both you and your trees safe. By using a licensed tree service professional like Red’s Tree Services, you’ll be able to ensure a correct pruning and trimming job will be done. This will help create and maintain strong tree structures that will look beautiful and prevent any safety hazards.