As a business owner, you know that a beautifully landscaped commercial property and beautiful trees can be a fantastic addition.

However, the growing conditions in commercial landscapes are very different from the natural environments where trees thrive. Trees planted in urban and suburban landscapes will need routine maintenance to help acclimate the trees to their less than ideal environment.

Maintenance that’s done incorrectly can permanently damage your trees and ruin your investment. The expert team at Red’s Tree Service has the knowledge and experience to keep your trees healthy and help make your business stand out.


Trimming and Pruning
Pruning a tree can help it grow with a better shape and improved structural integrity. It maintains the structure of the trees to help reduce the risk of broken limbs and falling branches.

Properly pruned trees won’t have compromising branch structures and improper weight distribution, which can save you from disaster as the tree ages.

Structural pruning can greatly improve the general look of the tree.

It’s important to do any pruning in the late fall or winter, during the dormant season. This is the time that your trees are least susceptible to any harm that may result from pruning.

Certain species of trees need more precise timing and different approaches for proper pruning — having an experienced arborist on hand helps keep both you and your trees safe.

By using a licensed tree service professional like Red’s Tree Services, you’ll be confident that your pruning and trimming job will be done correctly. This will help create and maintain strong tree structures that will look beautiful and prevent any safety hazards.

Mulching Done Right

Proper mulching can help commercial landscape a neat, weed-free look. A protective layer of mulch around planting beds and trees will create a visual reminder to keep equipment away and to facilitate a healthier growing environment.

When not done correctly, mulch can damage your trees.

Many people over mulch, because they believe that mulch should be piled high against the trunk of a tree. This actually traps moisture that the tree can’t manage. Wet bark is subject to attack by insects, fungi, and decay because it is not able to tolerate continuous moisture.

To help moderate soil temperatures and conserve moisture without injury to the tree, a simple 3-4” layer of organic mulch should be applied from just off the trunk to the outer drip line. Wood chips are highly recommended. While large piles of mulch around the trunk of the tree are aesthetically pleasing, they are a real threat to the tree’s health.

Our team can help you keep your tree healthy at any stage, and this includes helping you avoid damage your trees with improper mulching.

Irrigation Systems

A tree’s ability to grow and thrive is dictated by its photosynthesis, which is reduced when trees get too much or too little water. Irrigation systems are a great way to monitor how much water shrubs and trees receive, but these systems are never adjusted to weather or plant needs, which cause more harm than good. The root systems of trees and shrubs are much more extensive than those of turfgrass, so they need to be watered for longer periods of time but less frequently. The optimum time for watering would be right before any stress is observed.

The amount of water used in irrigation should match the prevailing weather conditions and match specific species requirements. The landscape should be designed in a way that watering zones do not include both species that require large amounts of water and those that do not perform well in wet soils.

Water from both sprinklers and overhead irrigation should be directed away from direct contact with the leaves and trunk, as this leads to decline and disease. Our team can help you choose the best irrigation system to meet your needs.

Emergency Tree Services

Red's Tree Service will return emergency calls 24 hours a day! Wind, lightning, and heavy rain can cause devastation to you and your property. These stormy, turbulent conditions can also affect your trees.

We are equipped to remove heavy limbs or the whole tree from homes, automobiles or any other structures that may be affected by emergency weather conditions. During these times of emergency, we will be available for 24-hour service.

Commercial Tree Services from the Experts

Having Red’s Tree Service care for your commercial property and its trees will ensure that they get the proper care they need to thrive. Your property’s appearance will improve, as well as the health of your trees.

Contact us, the experts in tree care, to tend to all your commercial property needs.