How Ice Storms Affect Your Trees

Kevin Smith April 11, 2023

If you live in the MidSouth, you’ve likely experienced some pretty extreme weather over the years. Though our area isn’t known for epic snowfall, over the last couple of years we have had some serious ice storms that may or may not have impacted the trees and environment on your property. Just because you don’t experience any damage during an ice storm doesn’t mean there aren’t longer-term impacts to look out for afterward!

At Red’s Tree Service, we can help you manage the health of your trees long-term, including after an ice storm. Here are a few of the impacts that heavy ice can have on your trees, and what you can do to help maintain them from further damage. 

Take Care of Damage After Storms

If you have trees that lost limbs during an ice storm, it will be important to have that damage evaluated and cared for afterward. It can be dangerous for a tree to lose significant limbs from high, low, or even the crown of the tree. Limb loss can sometimes result in dieback where parts of the tree may die and become more dangerous in future storms later on. 

Sometimes trees will begin growing and produce new limbs at the site where old ones fell. This can be dangerous during future storms as well as these new limbs might be weaker and unable to sustain heavy ice. If there are limbs that have cracked or partially fallen, all it may take is a large gust of wind to have them fall unexpectedly causing damage to whatever it falls on. It will be necessary for a professional to evaluate these impacts on your trees and ensure that they are safe going into another winter. 

Note that trees that have been properly pruned and maintained before the weather gets bad will have a better chance of weathering the storm safely. That’s why it’s important to get regular care and maintenance for your trees throughout the year. But regardless of how well it is cared for, some trees may just have a greater risk of storm damage, or there might just be a fluke!  You never know what will happen, so just be prepared to take great care of your trees in the aftermath. 

Questions From Homeowners

Here are a few of the top questions that we get from homeowners who are trying to take the best care of their trees and their homes and personal safety after experiencing severe ice in their area. 

Can The Tree Be Saved?

Whether or not your trees have sustained too much damage to be saved will often be a matter of evaluation by a professional. There will be many factors to consider, like the age, kind of damage, and placement of the tree, as well as what kind it is. You will need someone like the folks at Red’s Tree Service to take a look and help you decide the next steps. 

If we deem that some limbs or the whole tree will need to be removed for the safety of people and property, our team of experts can come and take care of that efficiently for you. If you have any questions or concerns about a tree’s safety, it really is better to deal with it now rather than wait for another ice storm next winter that could cause catastrophic damage. 

Can You Trim or Repair the Tree Yourself?

While it’s always up to you whether you want to manage the care of your property, we do have some recommended guidelines. Ultimately, if you cannot easily reach the branches with a well-sustained ladder, it’s probably best to leave it to a professional. We don’t want you to suffer any collateral damage from trying to climb up too high without the proper safety equipment or expertise, and your safety is not worth compromising.

Here are a few other factors that you should consider before taking on a tree repair job yourself:

-If a tree has high-hanging limbs that are damaged, don’t attempt to take care of those yourself. Not only will you have to climb higher than you are equipped to, but you also can’t guarantee that the limb won’t harm you or others once it does fall, or at the very least damage property. At Red’s, we have trained professionals and equipment who can make sure that those high branches are tended to safely. 

-Be sure to avoid working on trees or limbs that are near utility or electric lines. This poses a serious threat when not dealt with by professionals.

-When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Trees are huge, heavy, mighty forces that can be unpredictable and dangerous. Make the best decisions you can while knowing that your life is not worth the risk!

How Ice Storms Affect Your Trees

Call A Team You Can Trust

If you are needing to evaluate the health of your trees after the winter weather has passed, give Red’s Tree Service a call. We are ready to help our customers in the MidSouth understand what is going on with their trees, and safely care for them. Let us take the pressure off, knowing that your trees will be safer and healthier, and prepare you for more seasonal changes to come! Call us today to set up an evaluation or quote!