Tree Removal

Doug Bedford April 2, 2020

Trees lend a unique kind of beauty that smaller plants do not. Not only do they provide a majestic kind of beauty, but they also create shade to make your outdoor space more comfortable outdoor space and attract wildlife such as birds and squirrels that can increase your enjoyment of your space. Trees can even become part of the family. They’re a part of the memories create as they are always there in pictures and images in our minds (tire swings and treehouses, parties in the backyard). Many can live a very long time, depending on the type. However, there may come a time when a tree must be removed for the benefit of your property or the health and safety of your family. 

Cutting down a tree may seem easy, but you need a lot of skill and planning to remove it correctly and safely. The experts and Red’s Tree Service in Memphis can save you time and catastrophe by providing tree removal services that you can trust. 

Why You Should Remove a Tree 

Tree removal shouldn’t be a choice made lightly. Removing a tree should be a last resort. Healthy trees can add value to your property. They also have a positive effect on the environment. However, there are some situations that require a tree to be removed. Here are some examples: 

  • A Dead or Dying Tree: a dead tree is not only an eyesore, but it can lower the resale value of your home. It can also reduce the overall appeal of your property. When a tree ages, old bark will fall off on its own and eventually be replaced by a new layer of bark if the tree is healthy. If bark falls off but isn’t replaced, it’s a sign that the tree is dying.
  • Your Tree is Unhealthy. If you notice the tops of your tree branches or the truck showing signs of decay, it’s a bad sign. Look for cracks in the main trunks or leaders. Disease or insect infestation will ultimately kill the tree and can spread to other trees in your lot. There may also be structural problems, such as interior decay that is not noticeable from the exterior. 
  • The tree is leaning in a dangerous direction, like toward your house, driveway, deck or children’s play area. Trees usually don’t grow straight. A little lean is normal! But if your tree is starting to look like it might fall over because of poor weight distribution or anchor root damage, it’s probably unstable and needs removal or stabilization.
  • Trees or the roots are growing too close to structures such as your house, utility lines or other structures. Roots can damage your plumbing, underground wiring, and foundations. Roots that surface above the ground can make your lawn uneven and cause people to trip and fall.

Why You Should Remove a Stump

Stumps can cause damage to your property

Roots can continue to grow for a while after your tree is cut down. Tree roots, in general, are thirsty and will look for water wherever they can get it. This is bad news for homeowners because sometimes that means roots will grown into pipes and cause the to burst., This can lead to a loss of water supply, flooding, and expensive repairs or replacements. Aggressive roots can buckle sidewalks and cause many other problems around the home, most of which go unseen or unnoticed until it is too late. Having a tree stump removed as quickly as possible reduces the chance of problems caused by the roots.

Stumps can be a safety hazard

Unless you are extremely sentimental or very creative, a dead tree stump on your property doesn’t have a whole lot of practical value. But if you have children that play in your yard, they can be a safety hazard. Not only can it be easy for people to trip over it or tumble into it, but roots growing out of control can also cause slips and stumbles. For safety’s sake, removing tree stumps from an active area is usually your best bet for safety’s sake.

Stumps take up extra space

If you have a stump in your yard, you can’t use that part of your job for anything else! Removing the stump opens that space up for just about anything you can imagine. You can leave it open, plant another tree, put in a swing set, or add a birdbath. Without a stump taking up space, you have a whole range of options to choose from. 

Stumps can attract invasive species

Living trees naturally attract animals you can enjoy, such as ladybugs and honeybees. Once the tree is removed, you can expect some unsavory wildlife. Dead tree stumps invite pests like termites and carpenter ants. Once they’re in your yard, they’ll spread through your property until they find many new places to take up residence. Besides unwanted insects, tree stumps may also start sprouting fungi, a number of which are toxic and can pose a threat to pets and small children.

Tree Removal

Trust Your Tree Removal to the Experts 

Hiring a tree service professional to remove your tree will always be the safest choice, and therefore the smartest. Our Memphis based tree pros are licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and your property.

Many factors go into the cost of tree removal including size, location, and other extenuating circumstances. Our basic tree service will include chopping the tree down, rope service (climbing the tree and cutting it into more manageable pieces), and tree removal haul away. Alternatively, we can chop the wood for you and leave it for firewood.

In addition to the tree removal process, we offer additional services like chipping, splitting, and stump removal to complete your tree removal job. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!