What’s Included In a Commercial Tree Service

Doug Bedford April 27, 2022
What's Included In a Commercial Tree Service

When it comes to maintaining the beauty and safety of your yard, choosing to use a commercial tree service may be the right option for you. That’s because trees are an asset for any homeowner, and taking care of them is a huge investment in your property value. But for many homeowners who may have taken care of the landscaping in their own yards for years, the idea of a commercial tree service may be a little confusing. 

Many customers want to know what exactly a commercial tree service includes before deciding to move forward. At Red’s Tree Service, we offer our customers a wide range of services, including tree trimming, tree and stump removal, emergency tree care, storm damage, and deep root fertilization. 

Tree Trimming

Pruning or trimming the trees in your yard can help them to grow with more structural integrity and beauty. It can also extend the life of your tree and improve your curb appeal, as well. By carefully selecting the branches that need to be removed, our Red’s Tree Service team can prevent broken limbs and falling branches from harming you or your home. 

Thinning or removing branches to enhance the shape and form of your tree is our specialty. Our experienced arborists know exactly which branches to remove and when. We recommend that tree trimming or pruning be done during the fall or winter months when your tree is more likely to be dormant. This prevents excessive damage to the tree, keeping your tree healthier and allowing its beauty to shine in the spring months. 

Tree and Stump Removal

Tree and stump removal are massive undertakings that should only be handled by Red’s Tree Service professionals. 

There are several reasons that you should remove a tree from your yard, including sickness, rot or fungus growth, invasive roots, overhanging branches, or weather damage. Trees with any of these issues are safety hazards that could potentially put you, your family, or someone else at risk. Our experienced team has the tools and knowledge to remove a risky tree from your yard carefully and skillfully. 

Once our team has removed a tree, you have the option to have the stump removed as well. Stumps that remain after removal can pose a safety hazard, and let’s face it: stumps don’t provide much curb appeal. However, the biggest reason to remove a stump is that a new tree could grow from the stump — and then you’re right back where you started. 

What's Included In a Commercial Tree Service

Emergency Tree Care

Emergencies happen! If you didn’t trim an overhanging branch soon enough or if a risky tree was left to grow over your home, the branch or tree could create severe damage to your property. In the immediate aftermath of a fallen tree or broken limb, you will need to reach out to a Red’s Tree Service professional. Our team has the equipment and knowledge to carefully and safely remove heavy limbs or even whole trees from your home, car, or other structures. 

Tree emergencies don’t always happen during business hours. Fortunately, Red’s Tree Service has a 24/7 phone line that you can call in case of an emergency! We return calls around the clock so that you can feel comfortable knowing that help is on the way.

Storm Damage

Everyone in the mid-south knows that storms are frequent and unpredictable. That kind of weather can cause enormous problems for the trees in your yard. Rain, heavy wind, lightning, and tornadoes can cause large limbs or whole trees to fall in your yard, wreaking havoc on your home or power lines. 

Luckily, our Red’s Tree Service team is equipped with the tools and experience needed to clean up fallen limbs or trees after stormy weather. We are always available to help you in your time of need — and don’t forget to use our 24/7 emergency phone line!

Deep Root Fertilization

You won’t only need our services for emergencies! Ideally, you’ll want to use Red’s Tree Service to take care of preventative maintenance, and aesthetic landscaping before the need for emergency services kicks in. As a part of our aesthetic maintenance, deep root fertilization is designed to help your trees grow to their full potential of beauty. 

Deep root fertilization is not the simple method of fertilization that you might take care of on your own. This specialized method uses a grid pattern pressure injection to mix your soil with a liquid, time-release fertilizer. Deep root fertilization spreads the fertilizer more evenly throughout the root system to provide better resistance to disease, insect attacks, and drought. It even works to aerate the soil around the roots to send much-needed oxygen that may have been blocked out by compact soil. 

We recommend that you pair our tree trimming service with deep root fertilization for the best results. Doing this will help your tree heal that much faster, making your yard more healthy and beautiful in a shorter amount of time. 

What's Included In a Commercial Tree Service

Red’s Tree Service: Your One-Stop Shop For Healthy Trees

Using an all-inclusive commercial tree service means that your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood. Whether you are interested in beautifying your yard, cleaning up after a storm, or requiring emergency tree service, the commercial tree service from Red’s covers everything you need. 

With over 40 years of experience, our family-owned and operated tree service delivers you the results you are looking for. We have all the tools and equipment to take care of your trees and leave your yard safe, healthy, and stunning for years to come. If you or someone you know needs a professional eye, contact Red’s Tree Service for your free estimate today!