Which Trees are Best to Plant in the Summer

Kevin Smith May 26, 2023

Spring is here in full swing in the MidSouth and summer is peeking around the corner. This is the time of year when more and more people venture outside to start thinking about gardens, flowers, and trees. When it comes to trees especially, you can often benefit from waiting a little longer and planting them in the summer!

Summer is a great season for planting trees as we’ll explain more below, but we always recommend speaking to an expert at Red’s before you commit to a new tree in your yard. Depending on the kind of tree and the size and features of your yard, some trees are probably better than others. We will walk through all the biggest reasons below, so keep reading, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions! 

Why is Summer a Great Planting Season?

Heat Helps the Roots Grow

Did you know that warm temperatures are the ideal environment for root growth? We have plenty of that in the hot Memphis summer, don’t we? That’s why we like encouraging our clients  to plant during warmer months so that their roots will have plenty of months to grow strong while it’s warm.

There is Less Chance of Transplant Shock

Transplant shock is when the roots of a tree are damaged during the transplant process, sometimes due to stark changes in the temperatures of the ground. Planting in the warm months can reduce the chances of transplant shock and make it easier for your new tree to thrive. 

Get Blooms Sooner

If you have a flowering tree, then there’s no need to wait around for beautiful blooms. By planting in summer rather than the fall, you can expect a thriving tree to bloom faster, often by the very next summer! 

Lusher Foliage

Hot weather is the time when trees have their thickest foliage and grow more quickly. If you plant in the summer you have a greater chance of encouraging thick leaf growth early on. 

Some Trees We Recommend Planting in the Mid-South

Red Maple

Red Maples aren’t only found in Canada or up north where maple syrup is made. Red maples are native across the United States, including zones 7 & 8 where Memphis is located. They thrive in our warm temperatures and will reward you for planting with the signature 5-pointed leaf and bright red color in the fall. They can grow into quite large trees with plenty of shade, and are one of the easiest trees to care for, which is a huge bonus! Overall, we love recommending red maples to our clients who almost always are super satisfied when adding this tree to their yard and landscaping.

Tulip Poplar

The Tulip Poplar isn’t only native to Tennessee–it’s actually our state tree! That’s how you know it will be a great fit into your yard. Tulip poplars are excellent shade trees and are often chosen for aesthetic reasons as they grow into tall and majestic mature trees. They love moist, rich soil, and are known as a honey plant because they attract bees and boost the local ecological environment. 

American Elm

The American Elm is one of the most commonly seen and iconic trees in American history. They make up a huge number of the trees in Central Park and are commonly seen throughout the Mid-South as well. We recommend them for residential planting because of how the branches grow away from the trunk, automatically creating some amazing shade, and look gorgeous stretched across a street. They like to be planted on hills and near rivers, another reason why they are a great fit for Memphis. 

Eastern Redbud

The Eastern Redbud is the smallest tree that we have listed and grows to be about medium size. Though not known for their shade, they are one of the stand-out stunners in springtime when they grow their distinctive pink blooms! They are a great local tree that is good for pollinators with their early blooms and their leaves turn dark and beautiful in the fall as well. If you are looking for a smaller tree that will make a splash, then the redbud might be the one for you!

Which Trees are Best to Plant in the Summer

Reach Out to Red’s Tree Service for Support!

After over 40 years of business in the Mid-South, our team at Red’s really knows a thing or two about trees. We are here to support you as you plant, prune, remove, and care for your trees across Memphis and beyond. Give us a call to get an estimate, or ask our professional advice for which types of trees would suit your yard and your dreams. We can’t wait to partner with you!