Commercial Tree Care in Memphis

Every business owner seeks a beautifully landscaped commercial property, and this includes having nice looking trees. Trees thrive in a natural environment where they receive no intervention. The growing conditions of commercial landscapes are vastly different from what they are use to adapting to. In order to acclimate trees to the less than ideal conditions Read More

Early Winter Tree Care

Late autumn through early winter is the best time to prepare trees for the upcoming winter and following spring. A professional arborist like those at Red’s Tree Service is your best bet to help tend the trees within your landscape. They can take proactive steps now that will help your shrubs and trees stay safe, Read More

Services Offered by Red’s Tree

Services Offered by Red’s Tree Memphians love to enjoy the outdoors and the comfort of their lawns.  Your tree not only offers you shade from the sweltering heat from the summer sun, but it also provides your home some protection from the elements as well as the sense of wonder in your yard. Memphis has Read More

Tree Trimming and Pruning FAQ’s

1. What does Red’s Tree Service do for tree trimmings? -Removes dead limbs -Removes limbs that obstruct streets, driveways, windows, etc. -Eliminates dead, diseased, or insect-infested limbs -Thinning or removing branches to allow more sunlight -Enhancing the shape and form of the tree 2. What is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning? Primarily, Read More

Summer Tree Care

Summer Tree Care After the crazy weather weekend we just had, this blog post almost wrote itself! Storms brought us wind gusts of up to 100mph that rocked Memphis and wreaked havoc on hundreds of trees. It was a pretty shocking reminder of why it’s so important to take care of our trees by keeping them healthy even in Read More

Is Your Yard Ready for Summer?

Is Your Yard Ready for Summer? Tree Care Memphis Blog Spring has sprung and trees are flowering throughout the Mid-South. As we make our ways outside, you may start to notice a few eyesores around your neighborhood! Don’t be one of them! You’re probably well through your spring cleaning checklist, but have you thought about Read More

Fallen Tree Trauma: How to Avoid and Manage Fallen Trees on Power Lines

Fallen Tree Trauma: How to Avoid and Manage Fallen Trees on Power Lines In the 21st century, both technology and nature hold true beauty. We all love the tall standing trees that keep our backyards shaded while providing great accents for our landscape designs. And while we may not be as aesthetically pleased by them, Read More

DIY Tree Removal Safety Tips

DIY Tree Removal Safety Tips Tree removal and limb trimming is a serious undertaking, even for experienced professionals like our team here at Red’s Tree Service. Although we always recommend using a qualified and professional tree service for the removal of trees and the trimming of larger limbs, we realize that this may not always be possible. If you plan on Read More

Trimming Your Trees In Late Winter

Trimming Your Trees In Late Winter With the holidays over at last, Red’s Tree Service is turning its attention to something that can occupy our time from now until spring – winter tree trimming. Many shrubs and trees are dormant in late winter, and pruning them at this time will invigorate the plants in preparation for abundant spring Read More

Christmas Tree Care 101

Christmas Tree Care 101 We can hardly believe it, but Christmas is right around the corner! Many of us will be picking out a Christmas tree soon (or if you’re anything like us, you’ve already picked it out, put it up, and had it decorated before dessert was served on Thanksgiving…..) But there’s a little more to Read More