Memphis Tree Service Shares Best Practices for Summer Heat

Memphis Tree Service Shares Best Practices for Summer Heat We’re all thankful for the cool shade of trees on sizzling Memphis summer days, but have you ever considered how trees themselves handle the heat, particularly when it’s above 90°F or record-breaking for your region? The greenery in your yard needs certain types of treatment to Read More

Which Shrubs are perfect for summer?

Which Shrubs are perfect for summer? | Memphis Landscape Blog As the summer heats up and the blooms of spring have faded, many think it’s impossible to gain that colorful and robust flowering landscape in the scorching heat. Not true! Many plants thrive on hot sunshine to bloom, and with regular care and watering can Read More

Stumped? Let us Help!

Stumped? Let us Help! Stump Removal in Memphis Do you have stumps that need to be taken care of? Unsightly tree stumps can be an eyesore. With all of the spring cleaning that you do to your house, why let the center focus be drawn to an unsightly tree stump? Red’s Tree Service, based in Read More

Tree Trimming and Removal

Memphis Tree Service – Tree Trimming and Removal Living in Memphis, Tennessee, it is important to have regular tree service performed on your property. If not properly trimmed, your trees can overgrow on power lines or housing structures and create major headaches for you and your neighbors. Some trees on your property may be in Read More