When is The Best Time to Plant New Trees in the Mid-South?

Though we here at Red’s Tree Service mostly deal with tree removal, we try to keep ourselves sharp on all aspects of the tree life cycle. We’re certainly thankful for this preparedness because we’re often contacted by friends and clients who all want answers to the same question: when is the best time to plant Read More

How to Know When to Remove a Tree

Trees bring our homes to life with beauty and can provide a sense of security and privacy. However, if a tree is sick or damaged, it can begin to cause more harm than good! You may wonder how to know when to remove a tree, versus having it treated or trimmed. When a tree could Read More

How Do I Know If My Tree Is Sick?

You may not think it to look at them, but trees actually have quite a bit in common with us! They need food and nutrients, which they receive in the form of sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and the soil around them. Just like humans, this nourishment allows them to grow strong and healthy. Unfortunately, trees Read More

10 Leaf-Raking Tips No One Ever Taught You

There’s a reason we all love the striking colors of fall foliage. The mosaic of reds, gold, and yellows is one of nature’s most remarkable displays, but even the most beautiful leaves will eventually fall. When too many accumulate in your yard, they can smother the lawn and keep it from growing. They can also Read More

Christmas Tree Care & Removal Tips

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, more and more people are choosing to pull out the Christmas decorations early. Putting up the tree, taking time to decorate it with meaningful ornaments, and seeing it all lit up can put some joy back into what’s been a really difficult year! If you’re thinking Read More

Tree Removal

Trees lend a unique kind of beauty that smaller plants do not. Not only do they provide a majestic kind of beauty, but they also create shade to make your outdoor space more comfortable outdoor space and attract wildlife such as birds and squirrels that can increase your enjoyment of your space. Trees can even Read More

Memphis Emergency Tree Care

Your Memphis Emergency Tree Care Experts  Many parts of Memphis boast old-growth tree-lined streets that add a touch of wonder to our day to day lives. They provide shade, cleaner air, and sense that life is bigger than our problems. But the very thing that makes them special means they pose a greater potential danger Read More

5 Trees That Thrive in the Mid-South

The right tree can turn a backyard into a serene retreat, but how do you know which trees will thrive where you plant them? Here in the Mid-South, the weather can go through every season in a week, and the rain can seem like it may never stop raining. The experts at Red’s Tree Service Read More

Stump Removal Vs. Stump Grinding

Finding the Best Stump Solutions in Memphis Once you’ve decided to have a Memphis tree service remove a tree from your yard, you’ll need to decide what to do about the stump that’s left behind. It’s easy to forget about this extra step because you’re focussed on the tree itself, but the stump that’s left Read More

How Do You Know When A Tree Is Sick?

How Do You Know When a Tree is Sick? Your landscaping is an important part of what makes your house a home. To keep your landscaping looking great for years to come, you’ll need to keep an eye on the health of every element of it. This, of course, includes your trees. While trees may Read More