When to Call for Emergency Tree Trimming or Removal

Doug Bedford February 28, 2022

Wind, lightning, and heavy rain can cause devastation to you and your property. These stormy, turbulent conditions can also affect your trees, making cleaning up the damage tricky and dangerous to attempt on your own, and not having the tools and experience necessary to cut down and remove fallen branches safely can prove to be costly. But when do you call for emergency tree trimming or removal? 

No matter the time of day or night, no matter the season, Red’s Complete Tree Service is here to help with our emergency tree service in Memphis, Collierville, and the Mid-South area. We are equipped to remove heavy limbs or the whole tree from homes, automobiles, or any other structures that may be affected by emergency weather conditions. Our emergency tree service often combines tree removal and tree pruning, and we offer dynamic cabling to support weakened trees, as well. 

From falls and accidents to power outages and roof damage, you may have costly issues waiting to present themselves in your yard. Let us help you figure out when you should call for emergency tree care.

Signs it’s time to call Red’s Complete Tree Service for Emergency Tree Care

Maintaining a safe and attractive landscape requires the timely identification of potentially hazardous situations. Call us for emergency tree service day or night when you notice any of the signs below. 

Sick or Aging Trees

Tree diseases and pest infestations that are undetected or untreated can severely threaten the tree’s structural integrity, potentially leading to them leaning on powerlines and roof structures and even collapsing and damaging landscapes, vehicles, or worse, harming a person. 

Storm Damage

The Mid-south is known for unpredictable weather, especially during our two severe weather seasons. Storms can cause large limbs to fall on your home, and ice has been known to take down whole trees. This damage can make clearing blocked driveways and paths and removing debris difficult but time-critical. 

Visibility Issues

If you notice that any of your trees are bushy or uneven, they may be impacting clear lines of sight during the movement of people or vehicles on your property. Corner bushes and trees could also block traffic lights and signs on adjacent streets, leading to accidents. 

Emergency tree care should be performed by a qualified arborist who can assess the extent of the damage, including identifying the tree pests or disease, and provide remedial solutions to nurture your trees back to good health. An arborist can also safely carry out emergency tree removal and stump grinding in situations where the damage is irreversible. Removing the stump is another factor to consider when you have a tree removed. Although it’s not as detrimental as a dangerous tree, there are several advantages to having the stump removed, such as:

  • Aesthetics
  • Replant another tree
  • Aids in the prevention of problems with insects
  • Removes the threat of destroying lawn equipment

Our expert team is well versed in minimizing damage at every level as we carefully and expertly remove limbs and trees. We even utilize dynamic cabling to support a tree with failing stability due to a split or old age. This process uses steel cables to hold the branches of the tree together by connecting places that have been weakened or started to fall, preventing them from falling further and causing damage or harm. This process has developed to be much healthier for the tree as the cables are non-invasive and move with the tree.

When to Call for Emergency Tree Trimming or Removal

Risk Assessment and Preventative Arbor Care

Not only do we work to correct the damage caused by emergencies, but we help take steps to prevent damage in an emergency. Red’s Tree Services provides tree trimming and selective pruning to maintain the safety and integrity of your trees, and all starts with a tree health and risk assessment. This assessment can help you spot any weaknesses before they turn into more significant problems. Staying ahead of the issues can save you time and money. 

While understanding and maintaining your trees and the risks associated with them is essential, a qualified arborist will have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the seriousness of any defects that are found. We believe timely and routine tree care goes a long way in promoting the health and beauty of your trees. This attention can protect them from premature dying or aging. 

However, it’s best to keep in mind that unexpected situations will come up, and it is not always possible to save every tree. Our emergency tree services aim to trim, transplant, or remove trees using industry-approved techniques and safety equipment that minimizes the risk of injury or damage.

When to Call for Emergency Tree Trimming or Removal

Your Memphis Area tree service professionals!

We want to help create and maintain strong tree structures that look beautiful and prevent any safety hazards. Still, sometimes, those hazards don’t abide by our pruning and trimming timelines and can become untimely and costly. By using a licensed tree service professional like Red’s Tree Services, you’ll be able to get those concerns handled respectfully and be back to enjoying your yard in no time, as you should be enjoying it, unobstructed. 

Red’s Tree Service is a locally owned and operated tree service company serving Memphis and the Mid South for over 40 years. We have a trained and certified arborist with the knowledge to ensure our clients make the most informed decisions for their trees whenever you need the attention. Our emergency tree service is licensed, insured, and safety-trained crew will clear uprooted trees, remove broken limbs or scattered branches, carry out stump grinding, and get rid of the debris. 

If you have some branches or a tree you’ve been watching and waiting for disaster to strike, our family-owned business would be happy to help. Give us a call today and let our expert team assess your emergency before it causes more issues for you!