Arlington Tree Removal

Cutting down a tree may seem easy, but doing it correctly and safely requires a lot of skill and planning. The experts and Red’s Tree Service   in Arlington can save you time and catastrophe by providing tree removal services that you can trust.

Steps to take before tree removal

Tree removal shouldn’t be a choice made lightly. Removing a tree should be a last resort. Healthy trees can add value to your property. They also have a positive effect on the environment. The trained arborists at Red’s Tree Service can help determine whether or not there is another solution to your tree problem. We’ll examine the age and health of the tree, the root system, and signs of disease. We’ll also determine how removing the tree is likely to affect your property.

If Red’s Tree Service determines that you need Arlington tree removal service because of disease, age, or safety concerns, we’ll begin to prepare the area and gather the equipment we need.

First, we’ll make sure that the area where the tree will fall is clear. We’ll estimate the height of the tree and find the best angle for it to fall. We’ll remove anything that could be damaged by the tree on its way down. If the tree has decay, there is an extra risk involved. It will be harder for Red’s Tree Service to control the fall in a decayed tree because it’s weaker and could collapse in a direction other than than the one we plan. This means we will make sure our tree professionals have a safe way to exit the area in case something goes wrong. Even the best planning can’t control a tree that starts to fall out of control.

We’ll provide the appropriate equipment for the job, and make sure the tree falls as safely and efficiently as we possibly can. If the diameter of the tree is less than 1 foot, we’ll use a hand saw. If it’s larger than 1 foot, we’ll use a chain saw.


After Tree Removal Service

Once your tree has been removed safely, we’ll let you decide what you want Red’s Tree Service to do with it. We’ll remove the limbs for easier removal. We’ll also cut the log into smaller pieces. We can either remove the tree from your property or cut it up into usable lumber and firewood and leave it with you. Once the tree is removed, we’ll help you decide to do what your tree stump.

Arlington Stump Removal

While you may have a creative use in mind for your tree stump, Red’s Tree Service will generally recommend removing it. A tree stump in the middle of your lawn can pose a safety risk for you and your family. Your child could trip while playing or you could damage lawn equipment.

Beyond safety concerns, stumps in your yard take away space that you could otherwise enjoy. If you’re thinking of removing tree stumps yourself, be aware that it’s actually quite complicated, or will take a significant length of time. If you choose to chemically remove a tree strump it can take a month. If you attempt to grind or remove it yourself without the proper tools and equipment, your risk injury.

Red’s Tree Service in Arlington has the experience necessary to determine whether or not your tree’s roots are still alive, and which method will work best to remove the stump.

Contact Red’s Tree Service today for a free quote on you Arlington tree removal project.