The best way to remove a stump in Memphis is Red’s Tree Service

Properly removing tree stumps is hard because you’re fighting the deep root system that you can’t see from the surface. DIY removal methods often use toxic chemicals that can last for months or require you to rent and buy tools to complete the job. When you take into consideration the hazards, cost, time, and effort of removing a stump yourself, you will soon realize it is easier, safer, and more efficient to have a professional team like Red’s do it for you.  

Our experts will diagnose and execute the best removal method for the type, size, age, and health of your stump. Our tree stump removal team has the heavy-duty equipment necessary to remove tree stumps safely. Red’s Tree Service can also recycle or dispose of the debris, so you do not have to worry about taking it somewhere yourself, or arranging for the city to pick it up.

Memphis Stump Removal Process

Methods of removing tree stumps vary, depending on the kind and size of the stump you’re dealing with. For small trees with shallow roots, we may use hand-digging. We’ll use a shovel, grub hoe, and root saw to remove the stump.  Stump grinding is another way to get rid of stumps and roots. The process is exactly what it sounds like. We use a stump grinder, a tool with a rotating disk, to grind up the stump and roots into small chips. We’ll grind down 6-12 inches below ground level, depending on the situation. While some customers will require the entire root ball and tree roots to be ground out, most will want us to just cut the tree stump low enough to cover with sod or topsoil so grass can fill it in. 

Reasons for Removing Tree Stumps

Stumps can cause damage to your property

Roots can continue to grow for a while after we cut your tree down. Tree roots are thirsty and will take water anywhere they can find it. This is bad news for homeowners because sometimes that means roots will grow into pipes and cause them to burst., This can lead to a loss of water supply, flooding, and expensive repairs or replacements. Aggressive roots can buckle sidewalks and cause many other problems around the home, most of which go unseen until it is too late. Having a tree stump removed as quickly as possible reduces the chance of problems caused by the roots.

Stumps can be a safety hazard

Unless you’re especially sentimental or creative, a dead tree stump on your property doesn’t add much to your life. But if you have children that play in your yard, they can be a safety hazard. Not only can it be easy for people to trip over it or tumble into it, but roots growing out of control can also cause slips and stumbles. For safety’s sake, removing tree stumps from an active area is usually your best bet for safety’s sake.

Stumps take up extra space

If you have a stump in your yard, you can’t use that part of your yard for anything else! Removing the stump opens that space up for just about anything you can imagine. You can leave it open, plant another tree, put in a swing set, or add a birdbath. Without a stump taking up space, anything is possible. 

Stumps can attract invasive species

Living trees naturally attract animals you can enjoy, such as ladybugs and honeybees. Once the tree is removed, you can expect some unsavory wildlife. Dead tree stumps invite pests like termites and carpenter ants. Once they’re in your yard, they’ll spread through your property until they find many alternative places to take up residence. Besides unwanted insects, tree stumps may also start sprouting fungi, several which are toxic and can pose a threat to pets and small children.

If you are in Memphis or the surrounding area and have a tree stump sitting around your property like a bump on a log, get in touch with our expert team today to inquire about our stump removal and grinding services!