Trees are one of the most unique parts of a piece of land. They keep you cool in the warm seasons and they display beauty all year.  While a healthy tree offers immense benefits, a dead tree will bring nothing but problems. There are times when dead tree removal in Arlington,TN is your best option. Let the Professionals at Red’s Tree Service  help you today.

Reasons to Remove Dead Trees

If you have a dead tree on your Arlington, TN property, the best thing to do is cut it down. Professionals like the team at Red’s Tree Service can help you keep your property safe and your remaining trees healthy. Here are some reasons for dead tree removal.

Pests love dead trees.

Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects will seek the tree and calling it home. These bugs will quickly multiply, so other trees or even your house could be in danger of being infested. Animals may seek the tree and nest in it. Rats like to create nests in dead trees, and when rats are around, they’ll eventually invade your home to find food and additional shelter. A dead tree is a luxury resort for all kinds of pests.

Avoid bigger problems

If a disease killed the tree, it could affect the rest of the trees in your yard. Tree disease is contagious. For instance, if mildew or mold develops on the tree, it could spread to the other trees and plants in your yard. As a result, one dead tree could destroy your entire landscape.

When a tree is dead, it compromises its structural integrity. A gust of wind could blow, and those dead branches could fall off. When a branch falls, it could land on top of a car, a fence, a roof, or even a person or an animal. The damage or injury that may result could be catastrophic. Having a tree removed before it falls could save you a ton of money.

They’re a safety hazard

A dead tree isn’t strong, so there is more of a possibility that it will fall over. There’s no telling when a dead tree will topple over, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it will fall at some point. When it does fall, it could land on your house, your neighbor’s house, your fence, or on any other piece of property, resulting in a costly emergency tree service and repairs to property. There’s also a possibility that it could fall on someone, causing serious injury. If that dead tree falls and does damage, you’ll be liable for the repairs or the medical care that may be needed.


Trust Dead Tree Removal to the Arlington, TN Experts

You may think it’s worth trying to save some money and remove the tree yourself, but the risks don’t outweigh any perceived savings. You could damage your property, and put yourself at risk. Trees can behave unpredictably, and the tools needed to remove a tree can be very dangerous if you don’t have the necessary knowledge to operate it safely. Add the risk of falling off a ladder or having a tree fall on your car, and it’s easy to see the benefits of hiring a professional and experienced tree service like Red’s Tree Service. If you’re concerned about dead trees on your Mid-South property, contact us today!