Common Winter Tree and Shrub Problems

Winter can be a truly trying time for our trees and shrubs. The harsh temperatures and conditions can kill foliage, damage tree bark, and weaken branches and roots. The ways in which humans and animals handle winter also take a toll on your trees and shrubs. Limited food sources can cause the animals to feed Read More

How To Get Your Yard Ready For Winter

Winter is coming! With winter on the horizon, many homeowners (and home gardeners) are hurriedly raking, trimming branches, and taking what measures they can to prepare their plants for the cold, wet, and other extremes that winter brings. Though it will vary from yard to yard, there are some general guidelines to follow that will Read More

Stumps: When To Grind And When To Remove

So, you have a stump on your property. Maybe the tree was too close to your driveway, or maybe it was diseased and had become a safety hazard. For whatever reason, your tree is now gone and all you have left is a stump and roots. Like many folks, you want to be rid of Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Tree Trimming

Have you looked out your window and realized that your trees are looking a little… well, shaggy? If so, you’re not alone, as millions of Americans hire professionals every year for tree trimming and pruning. Trees can make the outside of your home beautiful, and having trees in your yard may create opportunities for a Read More

Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Trees

Here at Red’s Tree Service, we have an expert team to provide tree trimming and selective pruning across Memphis and the Mid-South. Many times, we’re called in to fix someone’s well-meaning attempt at trimming trees. Though we commend a self-starting, can-do attitude, our expert team has seen more than their fair share of tree trimming Read More

Best Time of Year to Trim a Regional Tree

Trimming your trees is key to keeping them healthy, happy, and beautiful all year round! It helps remove dead wood that saps your tree’s energy reserves, improves air and nutrient circulation, and keeps it a more manageable size. But when is the best time of year to trim a regional tree? The expert team at Read More

When is The Best Time to Plant New Trees in the Mid-South?

Though we here at Red’s Tree Service mostly deal with tree removal, we try to keep ourselves sharp on all aspects of the tree life cycle. We’re certainly thankful for this preparedness because we’re often contacted by friends and clients who all want answers to the same question: when is the best time to plant Read More

How to Know When to Remove a Tree

Trees bring our homes to life with beauty and can provide a sense of security and privacy. However, if a tree is sick or damaged, it can begin to cause more harm than good! You may wonder how to know when to remove a tree, versus having it treated or trimmed. When a tree could Read More

How Do I Know If My Tree Is Sick?

You may not think it to look at them, but trees actually have quite a bit in common with us! They need food and nutrients, which they receive in the form of sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and the soil around them. Just like humans, this nourishment allows them to grow strong and healthy. Unfortunately, trees Read More

10 Leaf-Raking Tips No One Ever Taught You

There’s a reason we all love the striking colors of fall foliage. The mosaic of reds, gold, and yellows is one of nature’s most remarkable displays, but even the most beautiful leaves will eventually fall. When too many accumulate in your yard, they can smother the lawn and keep it from growing. They can also Read More