Services Offered by Red’s Tree

Kevin Smith July 6, 2017

Memphis tree service

Services Offered by Red’s Tree

Memphians love to enjoy the outdoors and the comfort of their lawns.  Your tree not only offers you shade from the sweltering heat from the summer sun, but it also provides your home some protection from the elements as well as the sense of wonder in your yard. Memphis has some of the most beautiful trees in the U.S, and Red’s Tree Service likes to keep it that way.  We offer many services to maintain the health and beauty of your tree are so that you and your family can enjoy them for years to come.

To make sure that your trees are healthy and thriving we offer a free consultation to assess the risks that your tree may encounter during its lifespan.  This way we can start with some preventative maintenance before any problems do develop into something worse.  We can see if there needs to be some trimming or pruning to the tree’s and surrounding shrubbery or even deep root fertilization to the trees. These are just some of the services that we offer to keep the health of your tree’s and yard in peak condition.

Tree Trimming

Red’s Tree Service offers tree trimming and selective pruning on the surrounding shrubbery and trees. This involves clearing and removing any dead or dying limbs, getting rid of infested branches, and trimming to allow in more sunlight. Canopy Trimming and Selective Pruning is a technique that reduces the overall volume of the tree. It also makes it possible to direct how the tree will grow in a more structurally sound way so that there is proper weight distribution throughout the whole tree.  This will prevent any risk from falling limbs or branches from a violent storm that could damage your property or person. Not only does this help with the health of the tree, but it just looks better as well.

We know that you want to keep your lawn looking beautiful that’s why we offer crane services. It helps with those hard to reach places and lessens the amount of damage done to the yard. It also increases the efficiency of a job to a matter of hours instead of days.

The best time for this is during the fall/winter time when the trees are in hibernation.  During this time the trees will be less susceptible to any stress. Also since the insects and fungi are dormant during this period as well, there will be less of a danger of infection.

Deep Root Fertilization

Ensuring the health of your tree’s is our top priority. That means providing deep root fertilization for trees that may be undergoing stress, either from lack of nutrients in the soil or a recent tree trimming.  Our experienced arborist injects into the root zone area about 12-14 inches below the surface. This provides increased oxygen content, microbial activity and the nutrients in the soil. We recommend doing root fertilization once or twice a year so that the health and growth of your tree’s continues.

Emergency Tree Care

Memphis tree service

Living in Memphis, we are all too familiar with violently windy thunderstorms of the spring or the surprise ice storms in the winter.  When these storms hit, you can bet on us to be there for you: during these extreme weather periods, we provide 24-hour service emergency care. So if a large tree limb or even a whole tree falls on your vehicle or property, Red’s Tree Service will be there to take care of it for you.

Cabling Tree’s

Trees can grow to large, wondrous creatures that make your yard and home complete but sometimes their growth is too large. These large limbs or branches weigh too much for the structure of the tree to hold up and start sagging.  This can be a potential danger to your home and family if a storm hits.  It also causes unwanted stress on the tree and may cause the tree to split. Cabling the tree allows us to fix this before any more damage is caused to the tree.  We have experienced arborists that can determine if your trees need cabling now or possibly in the future.

Tree and Stump Removal

Memphis Tree Stump Removal

You might also be looking at removing a tree from your property, whether it’s due to aesthetics or because the tree is dying.  We have the ability to remove it without impacting the rest of your lawn with our crane services, as we mentioned before.  After removing the tree then it comes time to remove the stump. By eliminating the stump of the tree, you have the opportunity to plant another tree, prevent insects and termite growth and it won’t damage your lawn equipment – not to mention it will make your yard more aesthetically pleasing.


Whether you like cozying up to a warm fireplace or enjoy the burning roar of your outside firepit, lucky for you we have oak firewood for purchase.  We split, wrap and deliver oak wood straight to your house.  You can now enjoy the roasting of many marshmallows are year round.   You can also come by and pick up your order as well.  For information on pricing visit our Firewood Services page.

Taking care of your tree can be a daunting task, but Red’s Tree Service is here to help.  Our experienced arborists know the ins and outs of what makes a healthy tree happy as well as making your trees look beautiful, and making trees structurally safe is our goal. If you have questions or concerns about your tree trimming feel free to call us at (901)-848-5323. We also offer free consultations on any of our services. Red’s Tree Service is happy to take care of the greater Memphis area and looks forward to hearing from you!