Stumped? Let us Help!

Kevin Smith April 10, 2015

Stumped? Let us Help!

Stump Removal in Memphis

Do you have stumps that need to be taken care of? Unsightly tree stumps can be an eyesore. With all of the spring cleaning that you do to your house, why let the center focus be drawn to an unsightly tree stump?

Red’s Tree Service, based in Memphis, Tennessee, has professional experience removing tree stumps. Having a stump removed allows you to completely remove the tree and replant. It also allows you to relax from the fear of termite damage and protects your lawn equipment from damage caused by roots all while giving your yard a clean aesthetic look.

Stump Grinding in Memphis

Stump Grinding involves assessing the type and age of the stump as well as many other factors to determine the proper method of removal. Generally when the tree is cut down, the root system no longer has sustainable capabilities and stops growing.

However in some cases, there are stump sprouts that may continue to thrive on the root system and vice versa.

Determining if this system is still alive will affect how it’s removed, although if regularly mowed over, the system should not sustain an active life.

Once the method for removal is determined, the professional team will remove and clean the area, removing any unsightly stump.

Our experienced arborists have removed several stumps and effectively voided areas from roots systems. We provide free assessments of any tree problems and gladly and throughly evaluate each property.

Need more information?

To learn more about our recommendations for stump removal, visit our Stump Removal page or call our arborists at 901-838-LEAF.