The Limb Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Kevin Smith February 27, 2023

There’s something so beautiful about sitting under the shade of a huge tree in the summertime, isn’t there? Thanks to our forefathers in the Mid-South, there are plenty of old trees that have been planted and maintained around town, and plenty more people are planting new trees all the time. We know just how special trees are to making your yard feel like a beautiful and comfortable home.

If you are considering adding a new tree to your lawn, we are thrilled for you! But there are a few things you should consider to help maintain the safety of the tree and your home and property. At Red’s Tree Service, we’ve seen it all before, and we know what can happen when you plant too close to your home.

Let’s go through a few things to consider before planting that beautiful new tree:

Potential Damage

The first thing that many people think of when considering adding a tree near their house is potential fall damage. This is a real risk! For mature trees, large limbs can fall when disturbed during storms or wind, and if a tree comes down entirely on top of your home, it can be terrifying and deadly. Some trees attract insects or diseases that might weaken them, making them an even greater fall risk. 

These reasons alone make a great case for planting trees further away from the house and having them assessed often to make sure they are in good health.

Soil Moisture and Concrete

One of the surprising things to consider when thinking about trees on your property is soil moisture. Because the roots of trees soak up water, the soil surrounding it can contract and expand over time, putting pressure on the foundation and potentially causing cracks and other problems. 

This is also true for concrete like sidewalks or driveways near your house. It is common to see paved areas pushed up, cracked, and completely broken due to tree roots.

Research Your Roots

Speaking of roots, it’s worth doing a little research on the kind of root systems that your desired tree might have. Depending on the type of tree, some root systems grow to be one to three times the width of its canopy and in some cases, twice as wide as the tree is high! This means a massive root system that can take over the entire property if given a chance. 

There are also some tree types with more aggressive roots, like maples, willows, and elms, that should be planted far from foundations, utility lines, and septic tanks. This is why it is always important to research which kinds of trees you want to use. If you have a smaller property, it might be better to choose a different tree with less pernicious roots. Ultimately, you don’t want to risk the integrity of your home’s foundation and structure because of a tree you haphazardly planted years ago. 

If you already have a tree on your property that is located close to your home and you are worried about the roots, give Red’s Tree Service a call to give you a free quote before attempting to remove the tree yourself. There is no guarantee that every tree’s roots will cause problems, and it’s better to check things out and be safe than sorry.

Be Prepared to Clean Up Branches, Twigs, and Leaves

A smaller but still tedious task with tree care is to manage debris. After storms and wind, you can almost always expect to be picking up branches, twigs, and blown leaves and to be cleaning them out of gutters if they are over your house. This is a big responsibility because if these tasks are neglected, it can harm your house and make a mess of your yard. 

Keep all of these tips in mind when thinking about trees and their proximity to your house!

Take Care of Your Trees with Red’s Tree Service

The good news is that you won’t have to make these decisions alone! Whether you are considering trees to plant on your property or are thinking of buying a house with mature trees already planted, there is plenty to consider, and Red’s Tree Service is here to help.

Risk Assessment

Red’s Tree Service offers risk assessments for your trees, where we come out to your property and determine if a tree is causing a risk to your home or assets. We can advise possible solutions, such as trimming or removing the tree. We can also determine if a tree is healthy or sick and can follow up with annual visits to ensure that it remains safe for you and your family. 

The Limb Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance means pruning, trimming, and fertilizing your trees and shrubs. We can remove deadwood that not only makes the tree look better but can help it to have a healthier, longer life, hopefully preventing falls or damage.

Tree Removal

When necessary, we provide tree removal services to clear up fallen trees and branches after a storm or from a dying tree. We can also remove and grind the stump, depending on your needs.

Deep Root Fertilization

Another way to encourage the long, healthy life of your trees is through our deep-root fertilization treatments. We add vital nutrients back into the soul that the tree needs to thrive and flourish. 

If you are in need of some tree expertise, don’t hesitate to call Red’s Tree Service! We have been caring for trees across the Mid-South for over 40 years and know that we have the right solution for whatever tree problem you have!