Why Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

Doug Bedford November 22, 2022

Removing a tree from your yard is one thing, but removing the stump is another altogether. Although some smaller trees can be removed root and stem, most tree roots are too large to pull out alongside the tree, making cutting at the stump the safest and most efficient option. 

But now that you’ve removed the tree in your yard, removing the stump is the next logical step, and we’re here to help. If you’re wondering why tree removal is necessary, keep reading to hear what our experts at Red’s Tree Service have to say about the topic!


One of the biggest reasons to remove a tree stump following a tree removal is to keep your family and yard safe. Depending on how high the tree stump is, it could prove to be a hazard for anyone walking around or playing in the yard. 

Imagine your child is “going long” for a touchdown pass in a family football game and tripping backwards over the stump. When weeds and grass begin to cover the stump, you could accidentally run over it while cutting the grass, which could damage or break your lawn mower. 


Most people plant trees to increase their home’s curb appeal, but a tree stump can be a real eye sore. Not only do tree stumps take up space that could be used for other plant life, they could turn future buyers away from buying your home should you choose to sell, simply because of the aesthetics. 


Left following a tree removal, tree stumps can take nutrients from surrounding plants you actually do want to grow. What’s more is that decaying tree stumps breed fungus that infects nearby trees, which may then need to be chopped down too. Even worse, decaying stumps can house termites, ants, beetles, wood wasps, snakes and rodents, all of which can cause damage to your yard and your house. Ridding these tree pests of your property and repairing what they damaged can be costly and time consuming.

New Tree Growth

In the worst case scenario, leaving a tree stump behind could cause a new tree to grow back in the same place. A new tree can piggyback off of the nutrients supplied by the old roots, allowing it to produce a multi-trunked tree that will be an even bigger eyesore than the stump – and even more hazardous than the original tree. The new tree and the old stump also become harder to permanently kill and remove over time, so it’s easier to remove the stump initially, along with the original tree to make sure the change to your yard is permanent. 

How We Can Help

A professional tree service like Red’s will be able to diagnose and execute the best removal method for the type, size, age and health state of your stump. Our tree stump removal team has the heavy duty equipment necessary to perform stump grinding efficiently and the training to complete the task safely. 

We also have the knowledge and expertise to answer any questions you may have about surrounding pipes and wires, or what can grow in the remaining space. Additionally, a tree service like ours can recycle or dispose of the debris, so you don’t have to worry about taking it somewhere or arranging for the city to pick it up.

Why Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

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Removing tree stumps can often be much more difficult than removing a tree itself, and that’s because of the massive root system they hide underground. Instead of attempting a hazardous and lengthy DIY removal, it’s time to turn to your local tree experts at Red’s Tree Service. Call our team for your free estimate today!